The Next Step: Batavians for Responsible Government

The question had been asked, “Where do we go from here?” In response, we have formed a new group, Batavians for Responsible Government (BRG). All who had contacted Lower the Levy to request a yard sign or show support had been sent an invitation to an organizational meeting. The turn-out was very encouraging. With the help of Geneva Tax FACTS and a reform-minded school board member from another district, we are off to a good start.

BRG is being patterned after the watchdog group, Geneva Tax FACTS, in their quest to gather and disseminate information on the activities of local taxing bodies, with the school board being our initial focus. BRG will go a step further and work to recruit, train, and get new school board members elected who will use the money of the taxpayers responsibly and respectfully, while working to provide high quality education.

If you would like to get involved in this endeavor, or if you cannot get involved at this time but would like to receive updates on future meetings and happenings, please contact us through the Lower the Levy contact page.

Thank you.

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One Response to The Next Step: Batavians for Responsible Government

  1. Vote NO against Double Taxation

    Apparently, the government bureaucrats of Kane County think that raising your property taxes to benefit one ‘not for profit’ company is a better option than having them do their own fundraising through private donations.

    Not only will this referendum, if passed, raise your property taxes, but it will also create a new taxing authority with more government jobs whose only responsibility is to move the property tax dollars from your wallet to the bank account of a private, ‘not for profit’ organization and to continue to raise property taxes year after year.

    If that isn’t bad enough, the State of Illinois is already giving $16.8 million of our tax dollars to this single ‘not for profit’ organization for the same services!

    While home values have decreased, meaning you lost a big chunk of your own money, your state income taxes have increased 67%, and your Social Security tax has increased 44%. Government bureaucrats insist that you should give them even more money and force you to give money to a private organization.

    Before you consider their rhetoric about responsible society providing services to those in need, consider some of the property owners who won’t be able to afford to stay in their homes if property taxes are increased….again. Consider the dangerous precedent of creating a new tax stealing bureaucracy that will benefit a single, private, ‘not for profit’ organization.

    We need your ‘NO’ vote on this property tax increase referendum but we also need your help to get the word out. The private organization that will gain millions on top of the $16.8 million they got last year from taxpayers is spending at least $150,000 to get this referendum passed. Please tell your friends and family to vote against double taxation in Kane County.

    Vote NO on March 18

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