School Board unanimously approves $7.2 million increase

Despite the many eloquent requests to lower the levy, the school board unanimously approved the $7.2 million tax increase.  There was no discussion among the board members of alternatives. Their minds had already been made up, as some had come with prepared speeches.

This was not unexpected, given the Finance Committee meeting at noon the same day. There were no other plans presented. The Administration offered no other options for review.

A link to the video will be posted here when available.

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4 Responses to School Board unanimously approves $7.2 million increase

  1. Ur Anus says:

    go away you losers

  2. lowerthelevy says:

    Classy. The above comment originated from a Geneva school district computer and has been reported to the appropriate authorities.

  3. Btown says:

    And have them do what?

    • lowerthelevy says:

      I’m assuming by “them”, you mean the appropriate authorities regarding the use of the Geneva school district’s computers to send vitriolic messages. Generally school districts and county governments frown on such behavior and often have policies in place forbidding such uses of their equipment. What they may do depends on their policy.

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